“There is no such thing as ‘Pakistani Foreign Policy’. It’s determined by the needs of its military establishment and their requirements.”

TF Friday Times Interview

Hi, As Pakistan faces new upheaval and the military struggles to find innovative ways to overthrow an elected government, just thought I should share this interview with Kiran Nazish, currently with the New York Times, but back in 2011 worked…

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Islamic cleric teaches his students the ‘proper method’ of beheading. Tells them, “You Should Enjoy Yourselves”

It’s interesting to note how most Islamist groups in America have condemned the beheading of journalist Foley with claims that such beheadings are not Islamic. As a Muslim, I know these groups are not being truthful. Here to enlighten us all on how to behead the non-Muslim is an Islamic cleric. Watch and weep.

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