Muhammad Robert Heft who serves as a de-radicalization councillor for the RCMP, admits holding meetings with Taliban in the Gulf Emirate of Qatar


This article is courtesy the anti-Islamist blog Alternative Angle. Muhammad Robert Heft, who serves as a de-radicalization councillor for the RCMP has admitted, he held meetings for months with representatives of the Taliban, a group that is designated by the Canadian government as a terrorist organization.…

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Meet the Kurds of Rojava. They’ve fought off the barbarians of the Islamic State, empowered women and created a model secular democracy


Is the newest country in the Middle East a Kurdish territory in northern Syria called ‘Rojava’? From the frontlines to the refugee camps, Darius Bazargan of ‘Our World’ has gained exclusive access to Rojava, and a revealing snapshot of Syria’s…

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