Saudi Arabia; the Next Middle East Live Music Superpower

This section covers the entertainment and leisure scene in Saudi Arabia with a focus on music. It shows the strides that Saudi Arabia has made from amending laws that foster gender segregation to financing music concerts. It also shows how Saudi Arabia emerged from the shadows and overtook cities such as Dubai.

The Changing Face of Music in Saudi Arabia

This section reviews the evolution of the music scene, especially when it comes to live concerts. It shows the reforms that have happened to legalize live concerts and investments in the entertainment industry.

A Comparison of Property Prices in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the US

This section shows how the real estate market has performed in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the US over the last two decades.

Artificial Intelligence applications at the Dubai Airport

This section shows how Dubai is leading the Muslim world in the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Applications of Islamic Architecture to Modern Buildings

This sections shows how some elements of Islamic architecture can be infused into modern houses.

Football and Peace in the Arab World

This section covers a unique football tournament, the Arabian Gulf Cup, which brought together three countries that had a two-year political dispute that led to other issues like no-fly zones.

The Untold Story of the First Muslim Nobel Laureate

This is the story of the first Muslim Nobel Laureate whose own country refused to celebrate him.

What Makes Madagascar One of the Leading Medical Tourism Destinations?

This is the story of Madagascar and how it has edged itself in history as a leading medical tourism destination.