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War Within Islam: The 21st century vs. the 12th – هكذا تحول نقاش حول حرية المعتقد إلى شجار كبير في المنتدى العالمي لحقوق الإنسان بمرا


At the Global Forum for Human Rights in Marrakech, Morocco, a discussion about ‘freedom of belief’ turned into a brawl between secularists and Islamists over the issue of ‘apostasy’. The heated discussions continued outside the hall and give an insight…

WARNING – SHOCKING VIOLENCE Saudi-backed Jihadi death squads in Syria killing fellow Muslims in cold blood in the name of Allah and Islam

All this as bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden White liberals in the West bend over backward to ‘accommodate’ the doctrine of Islamofascism through ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’ and ‘reaching out’ to these monsters.