2 comments for “Debate on the Fate of Muslims accused of Islamophobia and Apostasy – “Kill them All”

  1. Asif
    April 19, 2017 at 2:30 AM

    Dear Tarek,

    Haven’t we been discussing this at least since 9/11? There is nothing new there, for the cults of Wahabbi/Salafists this is a mere routine business as usual. They truly believe in the death penalty to be meted out to the apostates. Even fellow muslims of a different stripes aren’t safe from the “purists” that they are.

    We need to renew our campaign most vigorously to convince the west, in particular Washington, Ottawa, and other western capitals to begin the proceedings to outlaw these cults that masquerade as bonafide religions, for they are to be considered evil and vile to be eradicated at least from the west where we enjoy the most basic freedoms. It’s past time that these towel-heads are made to pay for maintaining their inhuman and absolutely disgusting cavalier attitude against our most cherished (western) value of freedom of conscience.

    Please raise this topic nest time you have a debate on your TV show, Fatah’s Fatwa. And please don’t invite bearded fools with their stinking pieties and caps, for they are incapable of contributing anything of substance due to their illiteracy (define correctly that would be a lack of exposure to the western style liberal arts education.) Have candidates as guests that are at least in possession of a University degree in Liberal Arts, or graduates of English major, Or, why religion alone exclusively of other disciplines has proven to be the bane of muslim Jahiliya? This should prove to be an ideal topic to grandstand before the youth in general and muslim youth in particular of South Asia. For we need to fortify the remnants. Good luck to you Sir.. Keep on giving it to ‘em good and hard.



  2. April 19, 2017 at 2:55 AM

    Is there any solution to brain washing?

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