Apart from being ranked as the third most busy airport in the world, Dubai International Airport is also known for its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a leader in the Arab world when it comes to the application of artificial intelligence. The UAE government even has a department called the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, whose main job is to identify and invest in relevant AI projects.

Automated Vehicles

The airport has a project that plans to use self-driving cars that run on solar energy to improve its efficiency in ground transportation and air travel. The airport plans to automate activities such as transporting passengers to and from the airport and even remotely delivering luggage to hotels before passengers arrive.

AI and Customs Officials

The Ministry of Interior plans to replace immigration officers with AI by the year 2020. AI will make airport clearance seamless and avoid time-wasting tasks such as having to remove your shoes or belt or empty your pockets. The airport is testing the system by using a virtual aquarium smart gate. As you pass through the tunnel and look at the fish, cameras scan your face from various angles and quickly identify you.

AI and Leveraging Big Data

Dubai Airport receives around 90 million travelers each year. To streamline its activities, it has deployed a vast network of sensors that track various processes such as:

  • The time taken to process passengers at security checks and also queue lengths.
  • The time taken between identification of luggage and notifying the client via their mobile phone.
  • The use of various facilities in the airport to predict maintenance and redesigning needs.

According to the airport, this data has helped them to make sure that 95% of all passengers are cleared at security checks within five minutes or less. The data has also enabled them to predict luggage load and reduce instances of lost luggage.