Indian Muslim woman calls on Indian clerics and Saudi rulers to issue a Fatwa on Tarek Fatah; Shames Muslim men to eliminate him

Yasmeen Arora Munshi is a Mumbai-based YouTube blogger who is a fan of Arab-funded Indian radical Islamist Zakir Naik.

She espouses Islamic opposition ot Prime Minister Narendra Modi and uses pretty harsh language to attack his policies.

Last month, stung by my criticism of Pakistan, a number of Indian Muslims started trolling me and could not conceal their hostility towards me on TV debates, either as hosts or guests.

Now Ms. Munshi has joined the list and is shaming Indian Muslim men to ‘eliminate’ me from India in the name of Islam and has asked Indian Islamic clerics and Saudi leaders to issue a fatwa on my head.

3 comments for “Indian Muslim woman calls on Indian clerics and Saudi rulers to issue a Fatwa on Tarek Fatah; Shames Muslim men to eliminate him

  1. Asif
    November 18, 2016 at 8:16 PM

    Dear Tarek,

    Oh boy! Another case of the nickers in a twist. Shaming men to do the grizzly deed on her behalf? A chick terrorista. You are really catching the furor, Tarek. Know this that only Munshi that ever mattered was Munshi Premchand; I believe the writer’s real name was Dhanpath Rai, one of the best prose stylist India ever produced.

    You must be doing something right by igniting their ire. Keep up the good work: Be relentless in your critique of the Islamic stagnation. If not for the unfettered criticism, and the enabling provision of the western hallmark of free speech, how else to bring the much needed sunshine to freshen up an otherwise stubbornly fetid stasis of the Islamic world that has lasted for centuries?

    Shanty Ho! Could use some shanti, and Naik ain’t cuttin’ it. Ho would very much like, what is currently in vogue in the fever swamps of western college campuses: The “Safe Space” so that she may continue to live in sweet ignorant web of lies that Islam offers: the “Perfection”. She wishes to remain willfully blind to the facts you raise so incessantly in print and in person on television/internet. What she has known all her life in the good old fashion of “rutta-fication”, or rote manner, the perfection and the supremacy of Islam; that has to remain an acknowledge fact. The current image of muslims is of one the most backward religions of the world. And yet they won’t be amenable to adopting what has worked so beautifully for the west, that is their separation of religion from politics.

    God’s Final Word. Albeit in the hands of quite ordinary, most fallible, and imperfect creatures as we all of us are; can’t we grant ourselves a way out? More blood of the believers must be spilled. More time, many more generations must be sacrificed before the Ho is appeased. We await from the safety of the west for the answer….Tarek, please take care of yourself, know that you are doing God’s work, and I thank you. Good luck and all the best to you. Bye.

    • H. Bose
      December 14, 2016 at 3:49 AM

      Very well written, Asif. Let Tarek continue to spill the truth about Pakistan, he is engaged in an invaluable service.

  2. January 15, 2017 at 12:59 PM

    Dear Tarek Fathi,
    The Muslims are a confused lot and they often contradict themselves when they try to argue….May God show them the light of reason and inquiry and declutches them from the mental prisons of Mullah…..It seems that no one , even a man like you and ayaan Harshi Ali can help them as they are mostly jahils. …So god please help

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