Undiluted Jew-hatred by a British Pakistani – “Jews are people who Allah informs us, he is angry with”

In a lecture posted on the Internet on September 28, British Muslim of Pakistani origin Rafi Shafi, who uses an Arabic name “Abu Rumaysah,” said that the Allah is angry with the Jews and that they are corrupters by nature.

As evidence he cites these examples:

  1. The first person to have his hand cut under Sharia (Islamic Law) was a Jew.
  2. The first person to get stoned (to death) for adultery was a Jew.
  3. The founder of Shia Islam, may Allah curse them, was a Jew.
  4. The founder of corrupted Christianity … was a Jew.
  5. The one who tried to kill The Prophet … was a Jew.

He then cites “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” saying: “Other people were aware of this evil doctrine and they did things to stop it. Like Adolf Hitler.”

Abu Rumaysah then expresses his support of the ISIS Caliphate, saying that the people of Syria and Iraq had been blessed.

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